What’s Your 2020 Strategy to Greatness?

Hello beautiful people, and happy new year/ new decade!


Ah, 2020. What a magical ass number.

Screen Shot 2020-01-05 at 11.51.16 PM

It’s like the literal numerical code for “leveling up” in life, or in other words obtaining an abundance of blessings, opportunities, and new beginnings. I can just see/taste/feel it now!

To you I’m probably sounding extra AF, but although I KNOW deep in my heart that this year will be transformational for me, I also sure of it because I’ve developed an awesome strategy to obtain the greatness that is my destiny.

I’m confident that my year will be great because I’ve created it to play out that way, and that’s what I want to stress here.


What are your goals? Now make it BIGGER!

Unless you’ve created a proper strategy to master 2020, you’re bound to repeat habits from last year. That might look like staying within the same space you’ve inhabited with the same energy, thoughts and everything else in between. Stagnation will become your inherent nature.

In order to properly redefine yourself in 2020 and begin living the life of your dreams you must be willing to dig deep and connect with what your true intentions and desires are for your life.

Not sure how to get started on unearthing that? Then try asking yourself this question: who do I want to show up as?

What are your goals, what are your dreams? Shit, what will make you happy if you were able to accomplish it?? This might seem tedious, but it’s imperative that you draw out what the heck you want to get done.

We aren’t defined by what we do, but we sure as hell regret what we don’t do, so might as do it.

Once you’ve got that figured out, you then want to EXPAND on it. I learned this concept from the creator of the Slay Girl, Slay podcast. In her podcast, she challenges her listeners to turn simple one-liner dreams into full blown visions.

The point is to get you to create your biggest, outlandish and wildest dreams so that you can first, understand what you just wrote, and after assessing it come to the conclusion that it is in fact possible (cause you thought it up… duh!), and therefore must be properly pursued. This is where it becomes a lot of work, but oh does it get fun.

Having this great big goal is cool, but now you’ve got to break the big monster down bit by bit in order to conquer and reap its benefits.

So, if one of your major goals was to lose weight, it’ll be in your best interest to implement the necessary strategies needed to hit that target. Let’s go into what that would look like.

Let’s stay you want to slim down from a size 12 to an 8, or maybe even a 6. You must first map out what that will look like monthly. Don’t be too preoccupied with what you want to lose, instead focus on what you’ll be adding to make the change possible. Will you be going to the gym for exercise? Maybe you’ll start doing yoga or Pilates? Will it be indoors, outdoors, or a bit of both? Will you get a trainer, or do group classes at the gym?

Once you’ve added all the things that will help make it possible, then you can ask yourself the inevitable question of how many pounds are you’re hoping to lose that month. After reaching a plausible number, now you’re ready for the other step in strategizing: weekly intention setting.


Setting the Tone For Success Week By Week 

Weekly intention setting is basically planning and tracking your progression week by week. I also learned this from the Slay Girl, Slay podcast (y’all really should listen to it!). Weekly goal setting ensures success because here you are charting your moves bit by bit in a way that really makes a difference once you’ve added them all up.

You can begin this by setting a weekly intentional sheet for yourself. This will challenge you to accomplish what you’ve put out there while keeping you on track. Using the same example as before, at the start of the week you might ask yourself: how do I intend to eat that week? How do I intend to go about self-care in order to achieve my meal goals? How many times will I exercise? Will I weigh myself weekly or bi-weekly?

Remember to use the weekly intention setting as way of celebrating yourself too. At the end of the week, reflect on what you’ve learned, what you will let go, ignore, or leave behind, and what you will encourage and do more of.


The Wrap Up!

In the past, I’ve always tackled my goals by focusing on them only on a monthly basis. Consequently, as a natural busy bee, opting to use this method alone failed me miserably. I’m really excited to use weekly intention setting as a way of developing a more mindful attitude towards my goals and life in general. That way I won’t fail into the trap of being busy without being purposeful.

I hope the same for you all, and trust that if you implement a sound-proof strategy for creating the life of your dreams come 2020, it WILL be yours!

As the interlude on Solange’s album “When I Get Home” goes, “do nothing without intention”.


Xoxo, your favorite Blavidual

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