Vision Boards: The Ultimate Manifesting Tool

Taking action towards your goals is the only way to ensure it happens, and nothing helps you to be more mindful of those goals than creating a vision board.

When you think of vision boards, you’re probably thinking of kiddy arts and crafts, but they’re so much more than that. According to an article on, a vision board is defined as a tool to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal(s).

Aside from journaling, it’s the ultimate manifesting tool that helps you actualize your desires, and believe me, it WORKS!

Through vision boarding, I:

  1. Paid off my debt.
  2. Upgraded to a new phone.
  3. Made the Dean’s List (and doing it again!).
  4. Learned how to forgive and became more compassionate.
  5. Made my fitness goals into a lifestyle.
  6. Began blogging again (and for real this time!).
  7. Landed a job that provided me the opportunity to begin podcasting while simultaneously leading a productions team for an up and coming company in my community. And I’m just getting started.

Creating a vision board is simple. Just ask yourself, “what is that I want out of my life?”. Your vision board should focus on how you want to feel, not just on the things you want. The more the board focuses on how you feel, the more it will come to life.

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Before you go about cutting and putting anything up, I would suggest writing down a list of all the things you’d like to experience, but in the different areas of your life.

Profound love? Deeper connection to your life’s purpose? Richer relationships? Give yourself some quiet time to deeply reflect. Listen to your heart. What’s it really telling you?

Whatever you do, try avoiding typing your list. They say writing things out that makes it more energetically real. Once you’ve got it all out on paper, now you’re ready to create your vision!

What You’ll Need

For the kind of impact VBs can have over your life, another great thing about them is that they’re inexpensive to make!

All you’ll need are the following:

  1. An assortment of magazines (ones you like as well as never read… never know what’s inside that you might need!).
  2. Scissors.
  3. Glue or push pins.
  4. Embellishments such as stickers and/ or fun markers (completely optional and up to you).
  5. Some drinks and snacks because you will get hungry.

There’s Rules to This Ish

Psych! Ain’t no rules for real. I want you to splurge on this board. GO. NUTS!

Put anything that inspires or motivates you. And remember that there is no right or wrong way to make it as far as looks go. As long as what you apply on the board what feels right, you are on the right path.

How To Find Time To Be Creative | Whats Ur Home Story.jpg
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Also, don’t feel limited in how often you can re-do your vision board. When I first started, I thought it had to be an annual thing that happened every Jan. 1, but I’m already on vision board number 2.

We grow and change like the seasons, and your vision board should reflect that. Realizing this, I’m opting for the kind of boards that’re more interactive and allow me to add/ remove things the next time I create a vision board. This will help to make the process a lot smoother.

The Proper Way to Creating It

You can either choose to do it alone, or with friends!

My first time doing it was just with my cousin and sister. Then I hosted a vision board party a few days before New Years for my birthday! The last one was alone, but all three times were amazing, but I was attuned and connected to myself and the work I was doing.

Regardless if you’re alone or with others, remember to set the mood!

Maybe music is your gateway to unlocking inspiration, or lighting candles helps to channel what’s inside onto the board. Whatever it is, be sure to cut out all forms of distractions: TV, annoying people/ energy, etc. This is now a sacred space of manifestation, so you should treat it as such.

What You Think You Become

 The magical power behind the board is that it invokes the law of attraction to act in your favor. The Law of Attraction states that what you think, you become. Looking at your board multiple times a day can help you to envision your life as you see it, thus aligning you with your desires. It’s that simple!

Oh, and may I add that while you envision the things on your board, be sure to match that with action! Nothing can manifest without some effort behind it.

Aristotelian Happiness | Aristotle_ Virtue and Happiness
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So, if you’re goal is to lose weight or make money, after visualizing living your healthiest, richest life, do the work! Sign up at your local gym, invest in a trainer, and make those sessions. Apply for a better paying job, ask for a raise, or begin a side hustle that’s guaranteed to bring the extra bucks in.

Vision boarding is so powerful. It’s not just the latest spiritual trend out here, it’s a ritualistic practice that is life changing.

I can write about this until my fingers fall off or carpel tunnel gets me, but I cannot stress the wonders of this amazing practice.

If you were determined enough to make it to the end of this post, then I know you’re already on your way to creating a vision for your life!

Side-note: Drop any questions you have on VBs, or if you like share what yours looks like! I’d love to see the beauties that you’ve created!

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