3 Things Meditation Has Taught Me

1. To Be Grounded


Meditation has helped me to developed stillness, or a sense of calm and peace many of us crave in this chaotic world. It is in this calm that I am able to ground myself. Before I meditate, I set an intention. Normally my intention acts a foundation for my affirmation, but I always have a deeper intention in place, and that is to be grounded. Staying grounded is vital to our wellbeing because it keeps us balanced and sensible. When you meditate and ask to be grounded in your truths, you’re asking the Universe for a sense of clarity and calm that comes from your natural state of being.

2. That Manifestation Is Goal Setting in Action

Manifesting your dreams and desires sounds like complicated business, but meditating has not only helped to make my goals plausible but has even refined my goals and helped me to better understand what truly makes me happy. For example, towards the end of 2018 I was desperate to leave a job that I absolutely HATED.

In attempting to make a change, I first became clear on what I wanted: a job that paid double than what I was making. At the time, I was looking to find a job that paid enough to not only support me but can help me to eliminate my credit card debt, which at the time was over $1,000.

Once I knew what I wanted to manifest, I then asked God for this blessing and opened my heart to receiving it. Then, it was time to take action.

I searched for jobs and managed to work a few odd ones that included working temporarily in retail and doing Lyft. Then finally, on my birthday, I found a restaurant job as a hostess making triple than what I was making only a month and a half before. Although the overall working conditions were terrible, because I asked God specifically for a well-paying gig, that’s exactly what I got.

I trusted the process and endured the job for about 8 months. I worked tirelessly towards making my financial goal (which I did!) until I couldn’t take the harsh working conditions anymore.

During this period, I evaluated the blessing I manifested and realized that not only did I want to work in a place where I was making good money, but that I also wanted to be in an environment where working conditions left me feeling respected, supported, and appreciated. I also want to be exercising my gifts towards making a difference in others’ lives.

As a result of this intention, I now work on my college campus in the Women’s department as a student program assistant creating programs that serve to support young women while implementing programs that cater to their overall wellbeing and success. Oh, and the money’s not too bad either.

3. Consistency is a Virtue.

When I began meditating, I’d meditated sporadically. I would start on a Monday in my bedroom and wouldn’t do it again until Thursday on my front porch. It wasn’t until I read that in order to truly reap the benefits you must be consistent that challenged me to make a change. So, what started out as a 30-day meditation challenge to myself about 3 years ago became a lifestyle that has miraculously altered me for the better.

When I first started out, I could only master about 10 minutes of mindful meditation. Now, I can meditate for up to half an hour when I really feel like tuning inward. I use to alternate my meditation space between indoors or outdoors, but now I strictly stick to outside because of the desire to immerse myself in nature (I find that the meditation is more healing when I do). Throughout the years, I’ve also implemented various things into my meditation practice in order to make it feel more personal: my journal, my chakra incense sticks, a self-help book (if I’m reading one at the moment), my crystals, and now a Gratitude/ Setting Intention practice which deepens my appreciate for my life while helping me to stay further focused on my goals.

My morning meditation set up!

Aside from teaching me the virtue of being consistent, which has transferred in other areas of my life (including maintaining this blog), it’s also taught me discipline (since I do it every morning) and has increased my overall love and passion for maintaining a solid spiritual lifestyle.





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