2018 Reading List Series: Revealing Book #2- A Great Spiritual Pick!

Although this next book in the series wasn’t written by a black woman, it was recommended, and even PRAISED by one… OPRAH to be exact. And considering who the author is made this book a definite exception to the list.

Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 9.18.26 PM

If you’ve never heard of Marianne Williamson, put this post to the side, pull up a YouTube browser, and prepare to be amazed. Marianne Deborah Williamson is an author, lecturer, activist, and (my favorite title) a spiritual guru. She’s written over a dozen books and has literally committed her life to the spiritual healing, deliverance, and enlightenment of women all around the world. She’s been praised by the likes of Oprah and Deepak Chopra. Did I mentioned she’s also running for president in 2020?

Basically, this woman is a pretty big deal. End. of. story.

I first found out about Williamson through a newsletter via email. The title and interesting art on the cover alone caught my interest, and after reading the brief synapsis, I knew I had to have it. Second to Own Your Glow: A Guide to Luminous Living and Crowning the Queen Within by Latham Thomas (and one I’ll touch on in the next few posts), A Woman’s Worth is the greatest, most precious book I’ve ever read and is definitely a must-read for book clubs, bible study groups, school reading lists, etc.

A Woman’s Worth is radically empowering in its sincerest and purest form. Broken into seven chapters, this book starts off by addressing false ideologies implanted into every woman due to society’s influences and then gradually works to replace the fabrications with truths that go beyond being mere positive and uplifting words.

Williamson has a special way with words. She makes you feel like your entire existence is godsend and reminds you that you are the light that you seek. The only way to know of this light is to acknowledge, love, and accept thy self, understand God’s working hand in your life, and to summon the courage to build yourself and become a force to be reckoned with.

She encourages you to do away with what we’ve been told who we are, and to experience a spiritual shift in consciousness that allows us to identity with the queen within by honoring HER truths, HER values, HER thoughts, HER inner strength and HER power.

It’s all simple, just start seeking true power from within. Look to your inner child and seek to heal old wounds from the past which might still be showing itself in the present. Choose joy above all things to bring you the peace and happiness that you seek. Root yourself in a solid spiritual practice meant to ground you and enrich your life. Embrace your feminine power and the Goddess within. Honor your emotions and feelings. Equip our children with the love and resources needed to be the best possible versions of themselves. And lastly, to create the world we envision for ourselves and all those around us: a world full of compassion, understanding, and forgiveness.

I came across this book during what felt like a dark period in my life where I craved a kind of spiritual guidance and fulfillment that wasn’t there. I’d felt like my church failed me and my home had troubled souls who knew they were troubled but didn’t know how to correct their problems. That’s when I turned to reading again and found “A Woman’s Worth”. You see this isn’t just some self-help book to read, it’s a guide and a solid blueprint for your life. Williamson gives a breakdown on all the knowledge mentioned above in hopes of assisting you in being your best self living your best life all while bringing the best to the table to assist others.

That’s what so powerful about Williamson and this book. She calls you to unleash your true potential in life and all it requires is some faith, a few hours of your day (to read the material), an open heart, and an open mind for change.

In reviewing this book to write this blog post, I’m reminded of the beauty and power resonating in Williamson’s words. I wasn’t planning on doing so before because I wanted to move on to another one of her books, but I’m definitely going to re-read this wonderful piece of work again.

With so many gems being dropped, how could one not be tempted to read this more than once?


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